Ideas are my business. I’ve worked as a copywriter, journalist, and creative director, before I founded .start, my own advertising agency, in 1992. Ever since the sale of the agency in 2005, I’ve been devoting myself professionally with one question: What makes sustainability irresistible?
My approach to this follows two directions:
As a consultant I work with companies in producing more sustainably. I supply ideas and concepts for sustainable products, services or business models. I develop strategies for sustainable management and the integration of employees, external business partners, or clients. I write books, columns and articles, I give lectures and develop workshops.
My priorities are:
  • Sustainability strategies and sustainability stories
  • Sustainable product and service ideas
  • Sustainable marketing and advertising concepts
  • Internal and external sustainability communication
As an entrepreneur I develop sustainable brands and services or intend to participate in such . In 2007, I co-founded the internet platform In 2012 I co-founded the organic Food-Shop "Waku-Waku" in Hamburg. Since 2016 I am involved in "Lost Weekend" a combination of bookstore and coffee-shop in Munich.